Why Warehouse Clubs Only Accept Certain Credit Cards

Restaurant and jazz club is situated in foremost square of Krakow. The interior reminds of a royal chamber and makes a excellent affect on visitors. Rugged, stone partitions covered with red and golden tissues compose on remarkable ecosystem of this region. The most feature objects of the club are: bar imitating the piano and one antique piano located in eating place hall. In this awesome indoors you may try Polish and Italian cuisine, delicious liquids and listen to jazz.


Large club (170 square meters) 강남룸싸롱 with a outstanding surroundings. It consists of 6 rooms, every one in all which has its very own call, like: “Heaven”, “Hell”, “Alchemy” and many others. Music: jazz, folks, Hawaii and Cuban. But it isn’t always simplest a track club. There are regularly organized concert events and cultural occasions like: spectacles and movie suggests, as properly.

Cafe Integracja

A place full of comfortable sofas and chairs. Club includes three rooms, balcony and dance floor. There are special discounts for college students to be had. Characteristic item of this place is captivating hearth. Music provide could be very assorted and authentic. From Monday to Thursday in the club there dominate “track of locations” (“budda bar”, “cafe del mar”). Friday is the reggae day and Saturday – Oldies Goldies.

Bledne Kolo

In this club you may spend time in extraordinary ecosystem drinking colorful beverages and taking note of stay phonographic track. Parties take area here every day, from Tuesday to Saturday. Club changed into lately renovated, now it has an additional floor, so if you wish to take a seat and effortlessly speak or read, you could do it! Large patio will assist you to take a whiff of sparkling air. Music: residence, reggae, jazz, ragga, dance.